Our 3 tips for buying a used stroller

It is true that it is better to buy a new stroller, but since a baby grows up fast, choosing a used stroller may be a good idea.

However, there are some points to check when you want to venture into buying a used stroller and we will give you 3 good tips to buy a used stroller.


Check the general condition of the stroller

If you go to a store that sells used strollers, then the first thing to do once you have found a stroller that is right for you is to check the general condition of the stroller.

To do this, pay attention to the condition of the wheels, handlebars, brakes, seat, safety elements and accessories. Roll it to see if you can trust it and if it is a foldable stroller, fold it and unfold it; buy it only if you are completely satisfied!

Also, don’t forget to check if all the accessories are complete and if possible, install your child on them for a complete overview.

Request real photos and videos of the used shoot

If you don’t have time to go to a specialist store then an online store would be the best way to get a used stroller.

In this case, you should try to assess the general condition of the stroller you are interested in by requesting photos or even videos. Rest assured, if it is a serious and honest reseller, he will provide them to you.

Then ask for pictures of the wheels, handlebars, brakes, seat and seat accessories, as well as the canopy and other accessories that are supposed to be delivered with the stroller. You can also ask to be sent a video of the stroller to get a complete picture of what you will have in your hands.

You can buy the used stroller if you like it enough and if it fits well with your needs and expectations.

Use a used stroller price comparator

Whether you buy a used stroller on the Internet or in a specialist store, you will find good addresses by going to a price comparison site for used strollers.

However, before you go to this type of tool, you must have a clear idea of the stroller you are interested in, namely, its brand and name.

This type of tool is quite simple to use: you enter the name of the stroller in a search bar and the tool will tell you who sells it, at what price and most importantly, where to find it. The rest is up to you and your real needs.